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Positions Required/Filled
Manager(1): Resvrgam, Matte (1)
Community Liason(1): Resvrgam (1)
Coder/Programmer(2+): (0)
Mapper/World Builder(3+): TheKeyci, CoKiE, Bismarck, Dean Thomas (3.5)
Prop Modeler (3+): Shadowrayth, Sir Phoenixx, Dean Thomas (3)
Character Modeler (2+): Sir Phoenixx (1)
Animator (2+): Matte (1)
Texture Artist (1+): Resvrgam, Shadowrayth
Writer/Script Writer (1): Resvrgam (1)
Voice Talent (?): (?)
Sound Effects/Foley (1): Resvrgam (1)
Composer (1+): CPacaud (1)
Director (1): Resvrgam (1)

Available Positions

The duties for this position require a proficiency with C++/Microsoft's .NET programming environments (experience with Valve's Source engine is a plus!). Coders will be responsible for implementing the key systems featured in this title into an existing First-Person Shooter engine. A few examples of these systems include: the advanced melee system appearing in TLP:SoW, scripted sequences, working with an engine's currently existing AI to modify its behaviors for the new melee system & generating the new bahaviors for the Heads-Up Display (HUD).

Mapper/World Builder

Mappers are responsible for creating the various levels within the game. We're looking for skilled map-makers versed in Source's "Hammer" level-editor that have an understanding of both aesthetic appeal and game flow. Since Mappers will work closely with Coders & Prop Modelers, this position requires a great deal of self-motivation and teamwork.

Prop Modeler

Prop Modelers' duties require the ability to model props based on photographic references and modelers are responsible for importing their work into Valve's Source engine. Generating UVW map templates is also required of this position but texture work may be left for Texture Artists to fulfill. Prop Modelers will be reponsible for working closely with Mappers to create the myriad details within levels of the game and flesh out maps with meshes requested by Mappers.

Character Modeler

This position is responsible for modeling the cast of characters within this game. Character Modelers will have access to high-resolution models from which they will reference for their lower-polygonal creations. Emphasis on UVW efficiency (avoiding stretched textures) and model functionality (mouths need to be formed well enough for animation and emotional performances) are expected so as to allow our cast to be as life-like as possible. Familiarity with anatomical accuracy is highly preferred. Character Modelers are expected to layout UVW map templates but may leave texture duties to Texture Artists.


This position is actually broken down into three distinct facets of animation: Combat/Action Animation, Mimetic/Scripted Animation & Lip-Sync Animation. Members within this position may specialize in one of the three areas but is still responsible for the rigging and implementation into Valve's Source engine regardless of chosen specialization. Animators work closely with the Character Modelers and Coders and are required to possess self-motivation and teamwork skills.

Texture Artist

Texture Artists' duties involve working with pre-designed UVW map templates supplied by Prop Modelers and Character Modelers. A great understanding of 3D applications is also preferred. The overall appearance we're looking for with this title is one of photo-realism in its textures so proficiency with photo-manipulation is required. Texture Artists work closely with the Mappers, Prop Modelers & Character Modelers.

Voice Talent

We are not currently seeking Voice Talent at this time and will announce a Casting Call when appropriate.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please drop us a line by submitting an e-mail of intent with the applicable samples of your work. We appreciate your interest and look forward to bringing this epic title to life with your help.


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